We’re offering models both male and female the chance to have their own Website’s 100% Legit with CcBilling acceptance for Credit Cards, you’ll be able to sell, Photo set’s, Video content, Webcam and take calls from Fans also, All hosted on our own secure server’s I’m aiming to host around 120 site’s for business partners and clients, We’ll give you control over how much you charge for the services you provide to fan’s we’ve spent many thousands to create the right type of site with the right type of security, of course while I’m happy to cover all the cost’s what I’d love to be is your business partner, so for my stake of giving you a free website, I’ll require a 30% stake in the business, I’d be happy to discuss the fee’s taken and running cost’s.

We can also Sell you a site with the same high end secure features Just let us have a spec along with any other info your thinking of adding, and we’ll happily give a completive quote.

If you already have your own content then that’s great, if not we can help with that too, Either use some of our friends within the modelling industry, or come to our little studios in either London or Berkshire and be shot by guy’s that have been shooting both Glamour and Adult for many years between them, along with everything else we offer, our group can also help with your promotion to help gain sales to extra fan base add you to several agencies to help gain you more work and raise your profile within the industry we all love.

Please feel free to make contact via Email [email protected] or use social media.